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Un air de repos Stéphanie Lacombe photo
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Hitting the road

Check out “Un air de repos,” a photo series by Stéphanie Lacombe, on display at thecamp’s bar for a month beginning September 21.

As part of the 2019 cultural season, thecamp’s bar – a shared space where everyone on campus inevitably passes through, for a coffee, a drink, a meeting or a concert – has become a gallery hosting Vues d’elles, a series of exhibits featuring how women photographers see the world of today and tomorrow.

If you’re at thecamp for an event or for training, make sure to check it out!

About the exhibit:

Excerpt from the artist’s statement: “It’s nightfall, I’m in a car on a four-lane highway between the A1 and A3 freeways, just after Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. It’s raining and I’m surrounded by semi trucks. Literally encircled. These 3.5 ton corrugated iron dinosaurs are scary. I clutch my steering wheel and slow down. This is the day that my project about truck drivers was born. What does a life spent on the asphalt look like? … As a child, I ran into these drivers at my grandparents’ gas station: the smell of grease, when you’re born into it, never leaves you. I wanted to find these men, humble and most, to see what they had become, 30 years later.”

Stéphanie Lacombe was born in 1976 in Figeac, in the Lot. She graduated from the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD). Her work has been shown in France, Argentina, Finland and Hong Kong, and published by numerous magazines and newspapers, among them the Revue XXI, Le Monde and L’Obs. Her experience as a woman photographer is transmitted through workshops at different private and public institutions: Fondation Cartier, Ateliers du Carrousel, the Diaphane photography center in Picardy. 

In addition to the Niepce prize (2009), she is a laureat of the Fondation Lagardère (2006) and received the Sarcelles Grand Prix for documentary and social photography (2008). In 2001, Sebastião Salgado presented her with the special prize fom the Agfa jury. An independent photographer, she lives and works in Paris.