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JK Pillai Bovlabs thecamp
Acceleration and incubation – The Village by CA Entrepreneur Energy

The Indian Connection

What do toothpaste and energy have in common? They can both be shared! JK Pillai, CEO of the startup Bovlabs, tells us his story of getting from Kerala to Provence via Dublin.

His full name is Jaikrishnan R. Pillai, but we call him “JK”. He’s a regular, cheerful fixture on campus. He comes from southern India, and has been pursuing innovation around the world with his wife and children for years — all the way to Ireland and California — until he settled here in Provence after being accelerated by the Village by CAAP at thecamp. And by accelerated, we actually mean his awesome startup, Bovlabs

JK created Bovlabs because he’s passionate and knowledgeable about energy and technology, but especially because he believes in empowering people. That’s just what Bovlabs does, in kind of a nerdy way: it helps communities to become self-reliant in energy, turning energy into a lifestyle and resource!

At thecamp, he and the Bovlabs team are working on the Solarcamp project, which connects renewable energy, electric vehicles and microgrid power sharing.