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Aline Martinez Santos – Hive#02 resident
Collaborative residency – Hive Collaboration Arts and Culture

INSIDE THECAMP: Aline Martinez Santos…

A Brazilian fashion designer who makes connected clothing, Aline is part of the second intake of the Hive collaborative residency at thecamp. She tells us about her experience!


– Why did you come to thecamp?

“When I heard about the call for applications for the Hive residency, there was one phrase that really grabbed my attention: social innovation. I came with open arms to try out something new.”


– What is it like to live there?

“It’s a kind of retreat for working in a different way, understanding a different way of organizing things, testing a different way of living. We put a lot into what we do here. It’s a fulfilling human experience, you give a lot more attention to other people. We once again have the time to think here, time to assess the worth of a suggestion or piece of advice. It’s also a very lively place, you’re always meeting new people, groups from different backgrounds, business people, institutional organizations, children…”


– What about the daily life?

“We don’t go out much, it’s pretty much full-time! Everything here is more or less scheduled; we are carried along by the momentum, we’re never left to manage on our own. Each day is different, with different programs.

We meet to brainstorm on the projects in dedicated sub-groups. At other times, we all take part in workshops together. At the same time, there are meetings set up with amazing people such as our mentors and the experts providing assistance here. Other than that, we have to dedicate 25% of our time to other projects at thecamp. We choose those we’re interested in and offer to provide input.

We’re closely supervised, but that doesn’t prevent us taking time out from something if we see we’re not getting anywhere, just to help us get our inspiration back. It’s a very human way of working.”


– What are the different phases of the program? 

“Each week here is different because there’s a progression in the work we do. Djeff and Tiphaine, our facilitators, organize our schedule according to the targets we have to reach.

At the beginning, we thought about all the themes proposed (food, quality of life in cities and education) and came up with ideas. Each time, we set up groups of three or four to design a project and then we changed groups. This allowed us to get to know how each of us worked and to learn how to focus our thinking on a specific objective. 

We then voted on the ideas that appealed most to us (we couldn’t vote for our own ideas). Out of the 30 proposals, we chose six. This process made sure it was a group decision and validated the collective approach.”


– What's the role of the Hive program at thecamp?

“For me, the Hive program is a breath of fresh air for thecamp, since it generates new ways of thinking and new attitudes. For them, it’s a way of continually trialing their own programs in order to renew themselves and not stay stuck in a rut. This new energy comes from the many different mentalities and backgrounds of the people who come to take part in the collaborative residency.  The air is fresher because we’re young and see innovation from a different angle. In fact, the Hive program is a questioning.”