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Julien Gadanho
IT security Ethics Tech

Julien Gadanho – “Le piratage, c’est la science de la curiosité”

Surf the web securely with Julien Gadanho, a young hacker focused on helping others, in this episode of Les Explorateurs.

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Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in. You'll hear bite-sized immersive stories recorded at thecamp.

Julien Gadanho, age 20, is the founder of and the co-founder of Synapsis.Link. He works in information security and search engine optimization. He started hacking at age 9, and his passion has led him to work with leaders, companies and entrepreneurs to spread the word about the positive side of hacking, and how the approach of hackers can improve security and privacy in a world where technology is evolving rapidly.