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Plus que jamais, l’évolution des organisations est liée à celle du niveau de conscience de ses dirigeants
Leadership Management Education

Let’s train and transform tomorrow’s leaders!

thecamp is partnering with École Centrale de Lyon, and welcoming the participants of its “Inspiring Leadership” Executive Certificate. We talked with Carole Meyer Plet, director of continuing education at ECL, to learn more.

To have an impact on your organization and on the world, you need to inspire your team and get people on board. To do that, you first need to be your own leader.

That’s the vision shared by thecamp and both École Centrale de Lyon and École Centrale de Marseille, who have signed a partnership to spread this new leadership together throughout the Sud and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions.

As part of the partnership, thecamp will be welcoming the next cohorts of the “Inspiring Leadership” Executive Certificate for a two-day immersion. The certificate is a continuing education program for managers, directors, consultants, project managers and anyone who wants to develop leadership. The program is composed of 21 days of training over nine months. École Centrale de Lyon took in a second cohort in 2018, and a first one in Marseille, in collaboration with École Centrale de Marseille. The next intakes are March 30, 2020, in Lyon, and April 27, 2020, in Marseille.

The two schools and thecamp are also launching into the co-construction of tailored programs for inspiring leadership.

And now, Carole Meyer Plet, director of continuing education at École Centrale de Lyon, who created the “Inspiring Leadership” certificate, answers a few questions!

Hello, Carole! What does “inspiring leadership” mean for you?

There are several important aspects! An inspiring leader:

  • creates a strong bond with him- or herself and with others,
  • knows him- or herself well and has great self-awareness,
  • is coherent,
  • reveals others by revealing him- or herself first,
  • drives change,
  • wants to make a difference,
  • brings along his or her team,
  • and gives meaning to his or her actions.

You have to be your own leader in order to inspire your teams. That's why the "Inspiring Leadership" program is divided into three phases: 1. Knowing oneself better and developping one's human potential; 2. Knowing others better and improving interpersonal relationships; 3. Inspiring and bringing along teams. Producing excellence collectively and making the Human aspect central.

Why join forces with thecamp for the "Inspiring Leadership" Executive Certificate?

Because we share the same goals and convictions regarding leadership. It’s a complete program that mixes several disciplines: knowing oneself through The Human Element Methodology, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, and more. We work on the three head-heart-body elements that are also important to thecamp. thecamp has already integrated this disciplines into its own training programs, meaning we’re aligned in terms of content.

thecamp as a place is also an environment that’s extremely favorable to working in these areas, because of the proximity with nature and the atypical, light-filled workspaces, that are both conducive to letting go, to authenticity, and to sharing among peers.

What will this immersion at thecamp bring to the leaders-in-training?

Over two days at thecamp, the participants in the “Inspiring Leadership” program will be able to take advantage of this unique place that accelerates individual transformation, through pedagogical approaches, the site itself, the experiments happening. It means they will be able to take a step back, breathe better, slow down, and recenter themselves so as to better move forward.

I loved choosing an atypical “campus,” as opposed to an academic one, that opens onto different disciplines, experiences and types of people. I also completely adhere to thecamp’s principle of having a minimal impact on the environment. It’s essential for tomorrow’s leaders to face the critical chalelnges of today and tomorrow, environmental and social, so as to better lead their teams and their organizations toward a world that makes sense.

Click here to learn more about the “Inspiring Leadership” Executive Certificate and the next intakes.