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Labster Week August 2018 group photo
Acceleration and incubation – The Village by CA Startup Entrepreneur

Meet the 8 fledgling entrepreneurs joining the Labster incubation program

This week marked the launch of our incubation program targeting early-stage startups, with the arrival of eight young men and women who will be given assistance to build their projects for tomorrow’s world.

They are aged between 20 and 27 and all have different origins and backgrounds. But they are all driven by the same entrepreneurial mission: to change society in a positive way.

During their week’s stay, they will be collaborating together in workshops, surrounded by experts to help them acquire a solid grounding in business, digital technologies and innovation that will serve them in seeing through their projects.

Here are their stories and aspirations:


Adrien, 20

Namaste! My name’s Adrien and I’m from La Ciotat. I have a DUT diploma in electrical engineering and industrial computing. I intend to specialize in digital technology this year.

My project involves improving people’s sleep. The lack of sleep is becoming a major health concern in our ultra-connected and result-driven societies. The aim is to help people regain control of their sleep by providing them with appropriate information and assisting them on a daily basis to return to a good night’s sleep.

The Labster program is a golden opportunity for me to meet some great people, concentrate on my project and, above all, enhance my personal development. The workshops that particularly attracted me were those on leadership, meditation and the persona!


Alice, 27

Hi, I’m Alice and I’m from Marseille. I was in telesales for five years before I decided to go back to school. I passed a BTS diploma in negotiation and customer relations in June and today I’m a young entrepreneur.

My project is to assist CEOs of SME/VSEs in their business development by putting customer relations at the center of their business strategy.

I joined the Labster program to give my project a boost and to ask myself the right questions. I also believe an entrepreneur has to learn on a continual basis.

What will be of most use to me is the entrepreneurs’ testimonials and I’m sure I’ll put everything I learn to good use.


Kim et Wafa, 24

Hello! We are Kim and Wafa, 24 years old and best friends from Marseille. Kim is Doctor of Pharmacy and Wafa is in her final year of studies for the same qualification. Together, we decided to set up W&K.

W&K is a new online learning platform specializing in pharmaceutical information intended to create a significant impact on public health online.

Today, more than a third of French people use the Internet to find information on their illnesses and medications, yet no single, reliable online source of information has really established itself as a benchmark for the population. Our aim, therefore, is to translate the medication instructions that nobody reads and help people with their daily cuts and grazes, with a view to providing fun and practical information and advice on treatments.

The Labster program is a fantastic way for us to boost our project by making the most of the knowledge and experience offered to us. It’s also a human adventure that will bring many unforgettable encounters.

The workshops we are most interested in are the Business Model Canvas, since we have very little experience in the subject, and the Coding Day, which is an essential element given that we intend setting up a website. Last, and not least, the legal and financial aspects of starting a business are vital for every project and need to be fully understood.


Manuel, 23

My name is Manuel, I’m a student from Venezuela and I’ve been living in France since 2015.

My project, Artesanos, stems from a personal need to help my fellow Venezuelans survive the economic crisis currently facing the country.

Today, the artisans of my country are unable to sell their goods on the local market due to a dramatic fall in purchasing power. Through an e-commerce website, I intend giving those artisans an outlet to the European market.

More than just selling hand-crafted objects, Artesanos seeks to tell a story, the story of the Venezuelan artisans, eternal guardians of their country’s traditions. 

I believe there’s more to being an entrepreneur than just doing business. Sure, entrepreneurs create value, but it’s their generosity that, above all, will allow them to make a positive impact. I believe that, thanks to the entrepreneurship workshops, technical training and, above all, the human skills at thecamp, I’ll be able to surpass myself as a person and fulfil my objectives.


Nicolas, 24

Hello! My name’s Nicolas and I’m from La Motte d'Aigues, a little village at the foot of the Luberon. I trained as an engineer at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Aix-en-Provence, before going to Paris and specializing in construction engineering.

In September, I started the Insity project, a web and mobile platform intended to provide everyone with easier access to culture using geolocation. Fighting to prevent local culture wastelands and furthering ties between communities and associations is one of my aims!

I joined the Labster program thanks to winning a prize at the Frédéric Chevalier Award, which was a big surprise! I can’t wait to get some feedback on my project and meet some entrepreneurs who will give me the encouragement I need to continue the work. The meetings and discussions around our projects are what I’m really looking forward to. The program is varied and comprehensive and I’m sure it will fulfil all my expectations.


Maxence, 22

Hi, I’m Maxence and I’m from the Burgundy region. I’m crazy about aircraft and fascinated by the possibilities we have for building the world of tomorrow. I wanted to be an entrepreneur as soon as I finished my studies.

I’ve been working on a project called AIR3D for the past few months. The project should make building tomorrow’s planes easier.

I started the project to address issues I came across in the aircraft industry. AIR3D is software that is intended to help aircraft manufacturers replace plans and assembly instructions with 3D. The challenge is to reduce the number of steps in the design-production process, avoid repetitive tasks and centralize data to work together better.

I wanted to participate in the Labster program to become part of an entrepreneur environment so that I could share my ideas and the problems I face. I also want to acquire the right tools for being an entrepreneur. I’m really interested in the Pitch workshop to learn about speaking in public.


Quentin, 27

Hello, my name’s Quentin, I’m 27, a farmer’s son, and I trained as an engineer in the energy sector. After two years in nuclear energy, I answered a call for projects issued by the Korner incubator. I then decided to concentrate 100% on my project in January 2018.

My project is called Agrove and its aim is to “re-green” cities on a massive scale using urban agriculture and new technologies. The first step of the project involves a connected window box that is intelligent and self-contained, which will enable the main barriers to setting up an urban vegetable patch – the lack of time and knowledge – to be lifted. City dwellers thus will be able to produce part of the food they eat organically, with the accent on taste and quality, with a short distribution channel. With the window box, they can learn how to grow things while saving money and improving their living environment.

The Labster program is a real opportunity for me to learn new skills, obtain feedback and enhance my network. All the workshops seem important to me for a project to be successful, but if I have to pick out a few, I’d say the Coding Day, and the Prototyping and Pitch workshops!