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Labster 2019 groupe
Youth – YXP Entrepreneur Sustainable Development

Meet the young entrepreneurs who want to change our way of life

In October, the second edition of the Labster program welcomed eight young women and men, ages 19 to 29, to thecamp to build their entrepreneurial projects.

Whether they have a degree or not, and no matter what background they come from, the participants share the same mission: to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

For one week, they got inspiration from thecamp’s ecosystem to collaborate together, through workshops with experts aimed at acquiring solid foundations in business, digital technology and innovation, so that they’ll be able to bring their projects to life.

Get to know them below!

Julie Labster

Julie, 25

My name is Julie, I live near Cavaillon in the Vaucluse and I have a Master's in web development and digital project management. Right now I'm working as a developer in a communications agency in addition to working on my project.

My project is called BeEthic, and it's a mobile app that lets you scan the barcodes of textile, cosmetic or food products and get information about ethical and moral criteria. People are paying more and more attention to their consumption, whether because of their health or for the environmental and social impact. Today, in stores, this type of information is difficult to access, and I want to make it simpler to access this data so that people can make purchases that match their values.

I joined Labster because I won the Frédéric Chevalier HighCo Prize. I'm very happy to participate and each workshop looks relevant for launching a project. I'm particularly interested in the public speaking workshop and in meeting other entrepreneurs and experts. I'm looking forward to getting challenged on my idea!

Justine Labster

Justine, 26

Hello! My name is Justine and I’m from Toulouse. I studied law, then fashion styling in Paris. I’m in the second year of a fashion master’s degree in Marseille, a year that’s focused on marketing and management in the fashion sector. I’m curious and passionate! I love creating and am especially concerned with respecting the environment, which was reinforced by my professional experiences in a fashion world that doesn’t take enough concrete action in that direction.

My project is to create modern clothing lines, while recycling the scraps that are usually thrown away or incinerated during clothes manufacturing! The recycling needs to be done in the healthiest way possible, in a “patchwork” spirit that requires less pollution-causing retreating of the material and less water usage. I’m also aiming for a social aspect with local impact, by employing sewing workshops specialized in social inclusion through employment, preferably in Région Sud! The idea is to make a cleaner and more inclusive world through clothing.

I’m very interested in the workshops about digital technology, especially the Coding Day that really made me curious! The “Speak Digital!” workshop also interests me, and I can’t wait to meet other young people motivated by entrepreneurship!

Clément Labster

Clément, 27

My name is Clément, and I’m from Réunion Island. I arrived in Dijon in 2014 originally wanting to become a science teacher. Then I pivoted to business school, specializing in entrepreneurship and SME management. Now I’m doing my final internship in the private incubator Korner, a subsidiary of the IT consulting company Klanik. I’m working as a business manager.

My project is agricultural production through “vertical aquaponics”: the food cultivated is rice. The idea is to invest in local sustainable development on Réunion Island, encouraging: balancing out commerce, qualifying training for people and giving opportunities for research to local training organizations, like engineering schools and universities. I think all that can improve the world by providing work, feeding people, encouraging innovation, and inspiring new generations, all with a sustainable approach.

I joined the Labster program for the unique opportunity it presents: benefit from enlightened advice from a well-qualified team and get feedback. It can only make my project better! Looking at the program, I’m looking forward to the Canvas Business Model and the legal workshop. I’m especially interested in the Coding Day, Speak Digital and Prototyping workshops that seem critical for my project.

Nassima Labster

Nassima, 24

Hello thecamp! I’m Nassima, I’m 24 and I’m originally from the Gard (France). I’m working as a coordinator in an association.

My goal is to give value to the savoir-faire and skills of women from underserved neighborhoods by integrating them into the city’s social life through economic areas like artisan crafts.

The workshops that I’ve identified as important for my project are the Coding Day, Canvas Business Model, the legal workshop and “What it means to be an entrepreneur and have an impact.”

Hyppolite Labster

Hyppolite, 25

Hello! My name is Hippolyte, and 25 years ago I was born on Réunion Island. “I never lose. I either win or learn.” I live my life according to this quote from Nelson Mandela. I’m a pragmatic person, just like computers, which are my passion.

Today, our social security system reimburses more than 6 billion euros a year for medical imaging. It estimates that about 40% of exams are either redundant or useless because of loss of information. Surprising, right? Is there anyone who hasn’t wanted to know the results of their medical exams?

The possibilities offered by data make improving the logistics and analysis of medical imaging information possible, by centralizing it and giving access to patients and medical experts — radiologists and surgeons in this case.

I joined Labster to test out my ideas and join a group of young entrepreneurs ready to move from reflection to action. Every successful person has useful experiences to share with those ready to hear them: I’m here to listen. The workshops included this week are foundational for an enterpreneur: clarifying, planning, presenting, legal, technical aspects and virtuous habits.

Sarah Labster

Sarah, 23

Hello! My name is Sarah, I’m 23, and I’m a master’s student in social psychology.

My project is to open a place that brings together different inclusive fashion players that are committed to working on certain problems related to health. thecamp is the bearer of values and preoccupations that seem to be entirely in the spirit of our times.

The Labster program is, for me, an opportunity to narrow down my project and progressively give it a shape. The collaborative spirit is a real advantage that I hope will enrich my project.

Xavier Labster

Xavier, 29

My name is Xavier, I’m 29 years old and I live in Aix-en-Provence. I’m passionate about nature (which I discovered during my childhood in French Polynesia), new technologies, and especially Systema, a Russian martial art that’s not well known in France, but should be.

After my studies at the management school of Aix-Marseille and a few jobs here and there, I decided, following a long quest for purpose, to launch a project in line with my values and my vision of the world.

My project is to offer an app with audio programs that aim to help people fall asleep and improve the quality of their nights’ sleep, using breathing and relaxation techniques from the martial art Systema. These techniques can help manage stress and fatigue, back problems, migraines and many other problems.

I joined Labster because I really want to bring my project to life, and thecamp is the ideal place to do it. It’s an honor to be able to meet and be around people who share my dream. Coming to thecamp is, for me, a dream turned reality.

Grégory Labster

Grégory, 19

Hey, my name is Grégory, I’m 19 and I’m a student from Marseille.

My project is a medical device connected to an app, offering pre-diagnosis for patients. It also lets you track health evolution according to several criteria and to improve medical treatments.

I joined Labster because this program will help me to move forward in a concrete way with my project. The prototype design workshop really attracted me because it’s an aspect of my project that I have very little experience with. The business model workshop will also allow me to structure my products and services.

A huge thank you to our partners!

Labster is produced by thecamp in partnership with Capital & Innovation by Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence and Fonds HighCo pour Entreprendre, with support from Pépite Provence and Epitech Marseille.


About the Labster program

Through Labster, thecamp promotes entrepreneurship by inspiring the younger generations and getting them interested in creation, experimentation and risk-taking. Labster is a 7-day training program aimed at young people with ideas for an entrepreneurial project, ages 18 to 30. The goal is to equip them by helping them develop their soft skills (leadership, public speaking, emotional intelligence…), build a community of peers and get to know the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Région Sud.