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Naomi Roth
Positive impact Visual arts Virtual reality

Naomi Roth — "Le virtuel, ça n’existe pas"

In the second episode of the podcast Les Explorateurs, we explore virtual reality — or just reality? — with Naomi Roth, founder of Virtuality for Reality.

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Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in. You'll hear bite-sized immersive stories recorded at thecamp. P.S. - there will be bonus episodes in English!

Naomi Roth is a specialist in virtual reality and its impact on the human. She was first passionnate about anthropology before becoming a journalist. In 2016, she created Virtuality for Reality, an international community bringing together professionals that support the application of new technologies to education, health and creating social bonds. Her work is guided by the questions: how does is virtual reality impacting our cognition, our societies and our futures? And which of these futures do we want?