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Sx-Fi Hive project performance
Collaborative residency – Hive Prototyping Sustainable Development

New solutions for a desirable future from Hive#03

The third session of the Hive collaborative residency wrapped up last week. What did the 20 young creatives from 15 countries – who had never met before arriving at thecamp – create during their six months together?

Check out all of the new Hive collaborative projects below:

Blank Hive project thecamp


“Fast fashion” has become notorious for causing environmental damage and for unfair working conditions. But sustainable brands are out there. What if you could filter fashion brands by the issues you care about most? That’s what Blank. is for. Learn more


Colimo Hive project thecamp


Imagine being able to have a conversation with your city. Colimo is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to both help you find new parts of your city, and allow you to get real-time feedback to city officials about ways to improve it. Learn more


Plasticity Hive project thecamp


Plastic has played an undeniable role in creating the modern world. But how we have used it has also created an environmental emergency. Is it possible to have a new and healthy relationship with plastic? A short film and an interactive installation that encourages recycling aim to change our actions. Learn more


Radio Rocher Hive project thecamp

Radio Rocher

You know that “ahhh” feeling you get when, as a city-dweller, you make it out of the city and into nature? The installation Radio Rocher brings it to you wherever you are. Put your ear to the rock and be transported by live-streamed audio to different parts of the world. Learn more


Sx-Fi Hive project thecamp


The spectrum of the human experience of sexuality and gender is wide, but people who don't fit neatly into society's mold often suffer from being labeled "abnormal." Sx-Fi (for "sexuality fiction") uses looking into the future as a way to challenge how we see existing norms. It mixes an augmented reality installation, a contemporary dance performance and a participative workshop. Learn more


YOBL Hive project thecamp


While you’re scrolling through your social networks, life is happening all around you. Want to get offline and spend your time differently? YOBL can help. Learn more


You can download the full Hive#03 presskit here.

P.S. There's still time to apply to Hive#04! Deadline September 30.