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Sustainable Development

One Aim: Zero Non-recycled Waste!

To attain our objective of zero non-recycled waste, we are working with the Marseille-based start-up RECOUBRA, which is aiming to revolutionize the management and recycling of commercial waste.

But there are lots of things to be done even before you start recycling! Like limiting the items and uses that generate waste in the first place. That's why we banned all disposable cups or plastic bottles and use flasks, eco-cups and water fountains instead. We also replaced disposable straws by metal washable ones. And we grind coffee beans instead of using capsules.   

By sorting 13 separate types of trash (cardboard, paper, plastic and metal containers, e-waste, plastic film, glass, light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, pallets, cleaning waste and even… cigarette butts!), thecamp is putting the circular economy at the center of its actions.

Finally, the biowaste coming out of the kitchen, the restaurant and the bar is recycled in our on-site compost to then fertilize our permaculture vegetable garden

Of course, Campers' role in helping us operate this virtuous circle is central in order to attain our objectives!