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Pass Design Fiction Education

The Pass, or How to Initiate Change

Unique training sessions in a unique location: that’s the specificity of the Pass.

This fall, the program is celebrating its first anniversary with the November launch of its English-language version aimed at an international audience. Boosted by growing demand and a proven, innovative methodology, the Pass is also expanding its French-language program, with even more interaction and immersion within the thecamp ecosystem.

thecamp’s course offering consists of a multitude of workshops addressing the key issues linked to change in our society and the world: the future of work, collective intelligence, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, conceptualization, social entrepreneurship, the circular economy… The program is designed to help participants acquire the tools to face these new realities and their inherent challenges on all levels: intellectual, emotional and practical. The aim is to enable them to become contributors to change by generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

Much more than a series of lectures, each course day comprises a sequence of steps made up of discussions, games, tests, collective learning, questions and surprising activities. To lead each of the 23 workshops, the Pass calls on creative coaches and uses innovative methodologies designed through a collaborative, participative approach.

Why Choose the Pass?

The world is changing, and the issues surrounding its transformation are numerous and pressing, involving the environment, economy, society and technology, all of which deeply impacts us, as individuals, and our businesses…

“The professionals who designed the Pass program based it on thecamp’s own philosophy, which holds that it is time we shook up our certainty and paid more attention to what is around us, if we really want to understand the changes we are going through and act accordingly,” explains program director Julie Thinès.

But what does the word “act” mean in such a context? In concrete terms, the spirit of thecamp translates as an organizational model based on circles with little or no hierarchy, as an approach consisting of feeling one’s way and experimenting, and as a promotion of creativity and optimism – in short, as a drive to prototype a better world. thecamp also means eco-friendly buildings, environmentally-friendly food production and consumption, the elimination of plastic, using recycled materials, permaculture, sharing, coming together and outdoor activities in a natural environment.

A Unique Methodology in an Extraordinary Place

Putting the training program’s innovative methods into practice doesn’t happen in an auditorium in a big city such as Paris. The Pass workshops are held in a setting that is unrivalled in France: thecamp.

Amid 10,000 sq.m. of futuristic buildings set in unspoiled Provence countryside, new-generation creative talent (designers, digital artists, visual artists, programmers, etc.) are coming together to work alongside entrepreneurs, researchers, international experts, small business owners, executives from multinational companies, private and public sector professionals, managers in training, young people and children. They work, interact and converse with each other and take part in a wide range of activities offered by the ongoing programs at thecamp (incubation, acceleration, experimental lab, collaborative residency, talks, concerts, etc.). Whether passing through or living onsite, they discover and experiment with new ways of working, thinking and living, forging new ties.

“The added value of the Pass is the thecamp’s philosophy!” says program manager Eva Parlongue. In getting to know the place, its approach and the other “Campers” (young creative people, start-uppers, visiting experts…), the participants become imbued with this process of collective exploration. Likewise, the training staff are believers in unconventional methods. As Julie Thinès explains, “Our training staff are young, they don’t have preconceived ideas, they try things, experiment, put the accent on interaction and co-creation.” The doing is considered just as important as the thinking. “Together, the participants explore the outdoors, they make objects, do things… all this allows them to better understand the knowledge that we are trying to pass on to them,” adds Parlongue.

Spotlight on Three Innovative Tools

Possible Utopias The Guise familistère, a workers’ cooperative community set up in northern France in the 19th century; Auroville, the experimental Indian town taking its inspiration from universalism and pacifism; the Housing First approach for homeless people in the US… any of these ring a bell? They’re all examples of what we call “realistic utopias”, creative experiments that provide concrete solutions to the main challenges facing humanity. The Pass uses these utopias turned realities to encourage participants to draw inspiration from them and imagine themselves there, in order to help them to go beyond their cognitive limits and find new solutions.

Design Fiction – A dive into the works of science-fiction that feed our imagination to encourage participants to look at their models from a different angle and to draw inspiration from them to create new processes, services and products.

Board Games On a life-sized board, participants take part in a board game that has several stages. They take on the role of an entrepreneur who needs to reshape his or her business model to incorporate the principles of the circular economy (recycling materials and waste, repairing, re-using, eco-design…).

The International Pass – Registration Open

The first International Pass workshop begins on November 29, with a two-day immersion into leadership entitled “Becoming a Different Leader”. The theme was chosen in response to strong demand from an international audience working for major corporations in the region, including Airbus, Air France and Accor. It dovetails with other English language workshops taking place over the following weeks, looking at the concepts of “tech for good”, creative entrepreneurship and the future of work.

The International Pass mobilizes experts from five continents (German, British, Brazilian, Swiss and, soon, Korean and Indian), who all bring a multicultural vision to the program. The approach remains the same: encourage participants to ask questions about the future in store and act upon it in a positive way.

Upcoming Pass Dates

Each Pass workshop is offered as a stand-alone, recurring session to enhance schedule flexibility. The workshops are centered around four main themes: major changes affecting the world, disruption and continuity; leadership and new organizations; creative tools and postures and an entrepreneurial spirit for a positive impact.

Participants can choose a course based on a particular theme, by selecting several workshops around a center of interest to broaden knowledge on a subject and learn about different methods, or a more diversified course that explores different themes.

Presently, each French-language workshop takes place over one day, from 8:45am to 6:00pm. For the International Pass, the workshops are held over two days. Accommodation is available on-site at thecamp.

For further information and to view the full program for each workshop, click here.