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Startup Success Stories
Acceleration and incubation – The Village by CA Startup Entrepreneur

thecamp's startups: Climb#01 Success Stories

It's been 10 weeks since the first season of Climb (thecamp's 3-month incubation program) ended with a successful Pitch Night at thecamp. You may wonder, what have our climbers been up to these past weeks? Did the incubation program benefit them in any way? Here are the latest news we have compiled for you: company per company.



Fundraising: 750,000 euros with with Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence Capital & Innovation, business angels, PFactory, BPI and Paca Emergence

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): First of all, this awesome article! In other good news, Damien Catani (CEO) has been invited to participate in several events: VivaTech Meetup in thecamp on startups – large groups collaboration, Damien told his story at the conference organized by the union CFE-CGC "Breathe, work and smile" on well-being at work.

Clients & Partners & POC: Contract with Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence for the deployment of their coaching programs for the well-being of employees.

HR: They're actually recruiting a lead developer!


Befoil (Voilavion)

Fundraising: They're starting a new fundraising tour looking between 300k and 500k euros to co-finance the first series of boats.

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Befoil was one of the main speakers during the Foiling Week in Italy in the end of June to present its new boat – Befoil 16. Also, an article in Voiles & Voiliers was published in May.

Clients & Partners & POC: They're finalizing the prototype tests and launching the serial production. In parallel, the website was launched and the official product announcement was made.

HR: They hired a new intern for 6 month in marketing and communication. They're also looking for a salesperson to join the team.


z0 Gravity

Fundraising: Nothing new there. 

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Participated in VivaTech invited by Mazars. Invited by the Metropole du Grand Paris for a meetup.

Clients & Partners & POC: Conglomerates of local communities and services. POC in process. Other partnership negotiations also in process.

HR: Hired 2 new marketing interns.



Fundraising: Nothing new there. 

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): AutoKAB was invited to the 2nd Smart Driving Car Summit in Princeton to present its SafeSpeed application, to deliver a safe speed profile to drivers and also to driverless vehicles.

Clients & Partners & POC: Nothing new there. 

HR: Nothing new there. 



Fundraising: Nothing new there. 

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Participated in VivaTech at lab Afric@ Tech. They were also selected by thecamp's founding partner Sanofi among 180 applications – Sanofi expressed a strong interested in Medtruck's solution. Anass El Hilal, CEO / Founder, was invited to speak at UNESCO (Paris) within the context of the FAMx. Anass was also asked to speak about "Reverse Innovation: An opportunity for world health".

Medtrucks is finalist of the Innovation Mutual Award, in the category "Coup de coeur". They participate in the congress of the Mutualité Française. 

Anass was invited to the "General Assembly of Citizen Entrepreneurs and Organizations", an international conference in Essaouira, Morocco, gathering people who reimagine the way to do business. For this event, Anass discussed the future of citizen entrepreneurship, tools that transform businesses and have an impact on our society. The conference was held under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and Mr. Emmanuel Macron, French President.

Clients & Partners & POC: Their POCs are almost finalized!

HR: Hired 3 new engineers interns from l'École des Mines d'Alès. 



Fundraising: Fundraising of 250 000 euros convertible loan.

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Invited and participated in several events like "F&A Next" (Food and Agriculture Next), Start-up Bootcamp, Sophia Business Angels... Was selected as the best business plan and the best pitch in Start-up Bootcamp.

Clients & Partners & POC: Became member of Vitagora, the food and wellbeing innovation cluster. Signed a partnership with Wageningen University Research. Added "Nutrient Calculator" into the Agrisim decision support system. Signed LOIs and conducted POCs.

HR: A CCO joined the team in April.



Fundraising: They reported meeting interesting people at VivaTech. Most investors require that the startup be registered in France, and thanks to the help of thecamp, CleanCity was able to acquire a Talent visa. They now intend to create a French startup branch very soon!

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): They were invited to a smart region creathon, with the participation of big Moroccan organizations and corporates to propose innovative ideas contributing to the improvement of the region. These ideas will be presented to King Mohamed VI. They were awarded at VivaTech by French President Emmanuel Macron and Rwanda President Paul Kagme, as top 5 African startup selected by the AFD.

They also created a new visual identity for CleanCity and currently implementing it, as well as studying the addition of their own cryptocurrency based on Blockchain, using Ethereum smart-contracts.

Clients & Partners & POC: Nothing new there. 

HR: Nothing new there. 



Fundraising: Nothing new there. 

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Participated in VivaTech as well as Innovative City in Nice as part of thecamp's Solarcamp project. CIOApplications Europe recognized the Bovlabs market place as one of the top 10 Blockchain solution providers in 2018!

Clients & Partners & POC: Currently finished their pilot in Texas with ERock, a smart grid developer whose customers are supermarkets and hospitals (wholesale market). The solution facilitated a 2-way transactive grid at every 5-second and settlement at pre-configured interval. 

"The Bovlabs' team have been an excellent partner in the development of a pilot Blockchain registry and smart meter interface that will perform very fast. We look forward to finding new applications for Blockchain, where it can allow for improved transactional efficiency and monetization of our assets with energy and ancillary service customers." – Clark J. Thomson, ERock CTO

Finally, they're currently part of the Solarcamp projet: a consortium led by thecamp's founding partners SNCF Gares & Connexions and Accenture, thecamp's experimentation partner XYT and thecamp itself. The aim is to develop a Vehicle-to-Grid pilot with a fleet of electric vehicles that load / unload on a microgrid between thecamp and the Aix-TGV station. This should allow to balance supply / demand through vehicles, reduce CO2 gas emissions, and encourage positive consumer behavior thanks to a rewarding "solar currency".

In other partnership prospects: Sagemcom – one of the biggest European companies manufacturing smart meters, is currently discussing partnering on a pilot project for a smart village in Africa, in order to create an energy trade within a microgrid and potentially scaling to multiple microgrids. They're also looking to partner with them in France on auto- and collective consumption use cases.

Finally, Comulsa – a South American energy infrastructure company based out of Chile and Peru, is currently discussing the integration of Bovlabs' solution to their smart meters to facilitate P2P energy trade. They're working on a pilot project in Southern Chile for a community to have sustainable energy use case integrating their smart meters, renewable energy resources, smart grids.

HR: They recruited a Technical Manager in France & 2 Developers in India. Currently looking to hiring a System Architect in France!



Fundraising: Prêt d'honneur Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence & IMM.

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Meeting & Demo at Tradelab (170 employees in 5 countries); Meeting & Demo at Meritis and Engie; Reinforcing their focus on people development to improve their impact.

Clients & Partners & POC: Workshop Co-innov with thecamp's Founding partner Airbus as well as with Gemalto and thecamp. Design and development phase of the next testable version scheduled for September. Learned on positioning and value proposition.

HR: Recruited an intern Developer from Polytech Marseille for 3 months. 



Fundraising: Nothing new there. 

Visibility (conference, media, prizes): Won a Prize for "Best presentation" by Sophia Business Angel and participated in VivaTech. Currently pitching with HEC in France as well as in Bulgaria.

Clients & Partners & POC: Launch of the application.

HR: Hired 2 interns in Marketing & Data base, 3 employees in Kenya, 1 employee in Paris for Marketing.