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thecamp Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy Hive
Collaborative residency – Hive

Welcome, Hive #03!

A brand-new group of international talents are unpacking their suitcases on campus. Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy, Co-Head of thecamp’s creative and collaborative residency “Hive”, updates us on what’s new after two successful seasons.

- What’s new for Hive #03?

With Hive #03, we’re continuing the incredible endeavor of collaborative creation we started 18 months ago and which has already given life to many inspiring projects. This time, we’re going even deeper into the challenges we set out for ourselves: to create projects as radical as possible while making sure teams collaborate, to offer a peer-to-peer workspace between international creatives and corporates, and finally, to use diversity as a means to enrich our work.

In short, we’re welcoming new nationalities that we want to bring together around new challenges and new methodologies. 


- What were you looking for in particular when selecting these new Hivers?

Just like previous seasons, Hive #03 is full of interdisciplinary backgrounds: choreographer, machine-learning expert, engineer, creative director, photographer, film-maker, coder, maker, sound artist, architect, service designer, UX designer, illustrator, digital artist…

Beyond the strictly creative aspect of things, from the very beginning, our ambition has been to create “hives” that represent the world’s youth. It’s easy to call oneself international and to stick to an American-European vision of the world, while 80% of people under 40 are based on other continents and live different realities. Is it possible to keep creating the world without them? Of course not. And that’s why we made a real effort in scouting talents from areas such as Africa and Asia.

Hive #03 brings together 15 nationalities from five continents. We have 11 “new” countries represented this time: Taiwan, South Korea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, India, Ukraine, Syria, Niger, Poland, Greece. Clearly our kitchen is going to be full of amazing flavors!

Our level of expectations is as high as ever. Obviously, the very first criteria remains talent—we look at candidates’ portfolios and GitHubs (a social network where developers share their work in open source) before nationality, degree or gender. 

Also, beyond hard skills, we look at soft skills: the level of engagement, responsibility, humanity, willingness to share… those are more important than any degree. Then, we look for good balance between different disciplines and we prioritize gender equality. I’m pretty sure even alchemy is an easier science ;-).


- What’s changing in the program itself? It looks we have new moonshots this year…

For this Hive, we decided to focus on three main topics: education, inclusive cities, the future of food. These three topics are obviously part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and they’re also issues already at work at thecamp, as well as very concrete in our Aix-Marseille metropolitan area.

That’s why, in our first weeks of exploration, we’ve arranged meet-ups with project stakeholders from the metropolitan area, working on very concrete local issues, and encounters with inspiring international personalities: three women will give lectures open to the public the three upcoming Mondays—you’re all welcome to join! By the end of Hive #03, we should have hatched 5 projects on these key topics— all unpredictable, radical and collaborative.

We’ve also launched a program within the program—Creative Impact—which will allow Hivers and thecamp’s founding partners to work together, peer-to-peer, looking for creative solutions on impact areas such as plastic reduction or the future of housing. 


 - Who are the experts helping our Hivers?

For this season, we’ve brought together a pool of experts from all around the world that will interact with Hivers in agile ways according to the projects’ needs. Actually, if you’d like to join, there’s still time! All our experts share the same feedback: bringing your experience to Hive and meeting such high-level, engaged and curious young professionals is extremely enriching!


- How are they going to be working all together?

One of the reasons why this program is so original is because it’s aimed at creating radical projects through collaborative constraints. In order to achieve that, we’ve conceived a methodology using several “sprints”, from ideation to prototyping and testing, all based on peer-to-peer work: from day one, residents dive into close relationships, with each other, with us—the facilitating team—and with thecamp’s ecosystem. It’s very intense, and sometimes uncomfortable, but by the end of the residency, all Hivers agree on what a rich human adventure Hive is, offering a high level of professional collaboration through sharing, kindness and the positive confrontation of ideas. Being able to create such living and working conditions is really one of thecamp’s strengths as such an immersive place. 


- What’s planned for us this year? When can we come meet the Hivers and stay in touch?

There are tons of possibilities to meet and be in touch!

We’ve already got a weekly date, on Monday nights, with a series of three lectures on the three key themes I was talking about earlier—education, inclusive cities and the future of food. You can join us on March 25, April 1 and 8, with Alice Cabaret, Carolyn Steel, and Dr. Alison Clark-Wilson.

Then, on April 24 at thecamp, we’re inviting you to join our community of “fellows”, who will challenge Hivers’ ideas before they truly decide what Hive #03’s five great projects will be. This step is crucial because it will determine what they’ll be doing for the rest of the residency!

Once the projects are finalized, you’ll be able to discover them at thecamp on September 19 and 20. It’s a really exciting event since it will be the occasion to share the results of several months’ work!

Also, Hivers will participate in several evenings at thecamp as part of our cultural season starting in April—but that’s still a secret :)!

And of course, throughout the residency, Hive is open to all who wish to contribute, share, exchange… Just contact us!