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Pass Collective intelligence Innovation

What skills do we need to build tomorrow’s world?

For Caroline Isidore-Weibel, Program manager, the Pass training program is a portal toward a future we choose. She answers a few questions!

- Hey Caroline! If thecamp is a base camp for exploring the future, how does the Pass participate in this exploration?

The Pass is part of the exploration because it’s really at the service of thecamp’s mission: to accompany individuals and organizations in their capacity to create a desirable future. It’s both a program for becoming cultured and developing the necessary skills for facing this century’s challenges, and a unique experience that allows for reinforcing learning.

A Pass workshop about artificial intelligence, for example, isn’t meant to teach you to become a coder, or learn to put a technical solution in place. It’s meant to teach you how to understand the challenges, and to be able to evaluate the impacts on your sector and beyond. Because tomorrow’s world will be made from today’s decisions. How can all of us make good decisions to create a humane and sustainable future?

The 22 Pass workshops are split into themes, and there’s a logical order: first, understanding and analyzing (Theme 1, “Major changes in the world, disruption and discontinuity”); next, transforming ourselves and our organizations (Theme 2, “Leadership and new organizations”); then, getting new ideas and starting to test them (Theme 3, “Creativity for innovation”); and finally, putting into place our ideas (Theme 4, “Managing positive impact projects”). 

One workshop alone is fascinating, but it’s even more interesting to build a set based on your own context and goals – that’s something we help guide our clients with.


- All the workshops are run by at least two experts. Why?

Because collective intelligence is in our DNA, we mix experts with different approaches, specialties, ages. For example, in the From idea to positive innovation workshop, we chose to mix a psychology professor with a young researcher working on innovation and a cognitive science consultant. Or in the Model an impact project workshop, a graphic facilitator who works with visual communication tools, and a theater director on speaking effectively.

We insist on a mix of participants, too. They can come from many different fields and professions. That’s what makes discussions so valuable. To face the challenges of today, we need everyone to participate – we need to have a mix of different viewpoints.


- This year, the Pass workshops last two days instead of one. Why did you decide to change the experience?

Last year, many participants told us they would have liked the training to last longer, to dig deeper into the topics. You do need a certain amount of time to digest the first ideas, that’s what allows you to go further, more effectively.

And then, training here is part of a larger experience. thecamp is a campus that’s totally unique, where everything was designed to open our minds, to help us take a step back and meet new people. With two nights and two days on campus, there’s a real break from daily life, which allows you to recharge and reinforce what you learn.

Spending more time here means creating stronger bonds with the other workshop participants, but also with the other people on campus – this year, with more cultural events, concerts, and talks, there’s plenty to enjoy!


Check out the workshop schedule for this summer and through the end of the year here!

For workshops in English, check out the International Pass.