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Découvrir un tiers-lieu d’innovation et son écosystème à travers différentes thématiques.
Youth – YXP Education

When innovation becomes child's play

10 elementary school classes. 10 unusual locations in the PACA region. 02 jointly-written e-books. 

Now imagine almost 300 children aged 8 to 14 playing explorer-reporters, going from one jewel to another, discovering initiatives and meeting some of the lesser-known figures of the local ecosystem… It's official, -the Discovery Days have begun!

For their first chapters, the "KidPreneurs" went to find out about the AIXploration project and the Air PACA fablab. They then dreamed up robots for the stations of tomorrow and prototyped connected hives for measuring air quality in cities. Because children, with their unrestricted, unfettered imagination, have exceptional creative potential for designing the cities of tomorrow!