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Jeunes futur travail
Youth – YXP Future of Work Tech

When teenagers and their parents decode tomorrow’s jobs together

With the Futur(s) en famille (Family Future(s)) program, thecamp is creating a space for exploring the future of work and career choice!

When I grow up, I want to be…

Few teenagers and young people actually know what they want or what they can do for a career. And even fewer parents agree with their kids about their career choice. As a crucial first step for a successful career choice, how can we give them tools to understand it, together?

That’s why thecamp created "Futur(s) en famille: explore tomorrow’s careers”, our first program about the future of work and careers and that focuses on teenagers and their parents.

On April 27, for the first edition, a diverse group of families met up at thecamp – 53 people in total (some all the way from Paris!), with teenagers aged 13 to 17 in duos, trios or even groups of 4 with their parents, or other adults from their families.

A dynamic afternoon of encounters and discoveries

To start, the participants were brought together for a fun and interactive session focused on evolutions in the professional world. Encounters with thecamp’s team, quizzes about digital tools, but also statistics and facts to get to know which sectors are hiring, to tell facts from fiction and to have everything in hand that they would need to make good decisions.

Next, the participants were divided into two groups. The careers the teenagers will have will be determined by two factors: their personalities (what they want to do, what they like, their talents…) and the requirements they’ll need to meet to join the workforce and make a living. So while some of them learned to put their strengths and desires into words and reflection through an Ikigai workshop, others learned to code with students from Epitech, there to share their experiences with digital careers and interact with the participants through a game based on Minecraft.

Creating discussion between young people and their parents: a goal achieved together

Finally, the main objective: creating a shared goal around a chosen orientation. The teen-parent duos were invited to make 3 shared commitments to help them move forward together toward a career. Copies of these commitments were kept symbolically at thecamp.

And our young campers came away with a lot of ideas for their futures: YouTuber, game designer, web developer, IT engineer, web designer, programmer, nonprofit project manger, diplomat, sports agent, sports physical therapist, architect…


Futur(s) en famille is run by the Future(s) of Work Exploration team, and Youth Camp Experiences. A big thank you to our partners for this event!

  • Counselors from ONISEP with technical skills, present to help orient the young people and adults from beginning to end;
  • Epitch, for the technical workshops;
  • and the cultural and arts team of thecamp, for a unique experience on campus.


Just a few spots are left for the next edition, this Saturday May 25. Sign up here!