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Collaborative Residency Hive#02
Collaborative residency – Hive Collaboration Arts and Culture

Where is Hive#02 today?

Since their arrival at thecamp at the end of April, the 20 Hivers from the second session have already drawn up the six projects they will be working on all summer long.

They presented the outlines to the mentors and team at the end of June: “Audio Crumbs” is a voice-based collective experience; “Trust” questions our blind faith in the Internet, with which we entrust all our personal data; “Alola” provides tools and activities for children to interact and break down the invisible barriers of marginalization; “63+” is a place for youngsters and elders to meet, physically and digitally; “Loop” is an interactive artistic installation that questions the relationship between the digital world and the body and “Plastics Arcade” is a set of video games inspired by street art that aims to increase awareness of plastic pollution.

Once the proof of concept has been validated, and boosted by the views, analysis and advice provided by the mentors, coaches and experts at the many meetings at thecamp, the Hivers are now busy working on their prototypes. Watch this space!